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LabVIEW for Student Projects

LabVIEW Community Edition contains all of the capabilities found in LabVIEW Professional and the LINX toolkit for use with Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, and Arduino. 


LabVIEW Community Edition may be used:

  • For all primary and secondary schools (K-12)
  • For clubs and competitions (such as FIRST Robotics) outside of K-12 education. 
  • At post-secondary degree granting institutions for student group projects. 

LabVIEW Community Edition may not be used for:

  • To complete course assignments at a post-secondary degree granting institution (an active Academic Site License is required)
  • For commercial purposes

LabVIEW Community Edition product information

174556_Multisim SE.jpg

If interested in Multisim for Education, visit to access the free Multisim Live. 


For the Spring 2020 semester, NI made available an extended LabVIEW and Multisim Education Edition license to complete courseware at home, but this is no longer available. Academic Volume Licenses are available for those need to get NI software in one cost-effective, easy-to-manage package.
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You state herein, " can only use the software for your personal education purposes, and not for any commercial, instructional, for-credit coursework..." yet if a for-credit coursework is not included inside the personal education purposes, then what category does it go to? Like if one wants to do some homework or project assigned in a course, does it not mean personal education?
I am confused at that point. Hope you shall clarify.

Thanks in advance.

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

Masanatu: ... yet if a for-credit coursework is not included inside the personal education purposes ...


If LabVIEW is required for coursework, you university typically has an academic site license and student install options, so you should talk to your teacher to get a licensed copy.


(This is my own opinion, I am sure somebody from NI can clarify further)


In order to get the serial number for the 6-months student license you must:

1. Select the Options link, at the top of this forum and choose Articles history.

2. Open the article at the bottom of the list.

3. Click on the link:

I AGREE, Request serial



"May I have Labview´s licenses for 6 moths free?"
Yes, if you are a student.
Request serial clicking on the above link.