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scc-rly01 conditioner compatability

I bought eight(8) SCC-RLY01 relays based on reading an early version manual
for same.  The early manual specified we could switch up to 250V AC using
the relays in our SCC-2345
I had planned on using it in our SCC-2345 to switch 110V AC(for a solenoid coil). 
We received the relays but I began to have second thoughts about trying to
switch 110V AC using them in our SCC-2345.  (We had originally telephoned NI
and they told us we _could_ use the relay modules with our SCC-2345 and that
it was an misprint in the manual.)
The _new_ manual for the SCC-RLY01 states I'm limited to 30V AC using the relays
 in our SCC-2345.  (The new manual also states if it is used with an SCC-68 the
relay _will_ handle up to 250V AC.)
Could someone confirm that we _can not_ use the relays with our SCC-2345 to
switch 110V?
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Hello anengineer,

You are correct that you should only use the SCC-RLY01 module in the SCC-68 to switch anything from 30V AC to 250V AC.  As stated in the SCC-RLY01 Relay Module User Guide on page 5, the module was derated to 30 V maximum switching voltage in the SC-2345.  The reason for this is that when used in the SC-2345, it doesn't meet Category II high voltage safety requirements.  Also, as noted in the User Guide, you must use the high-voltage backshell when connecting signals > 60 V DC to the relay module.

I hope this information helps!

Best regards,
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Thank you.....

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