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SmartSQLVIEW for SQLite datasheet

SmartSQLVIEW for SQLite.png



SmartSQLVIEW for SQLite toolkit gives access to SQLite database directly from LabVIEW.

  • No configuration needed
  • Serverless
  • Cross-platform database file
  • SQL support
  • SQLite file version 3 compliant
  • Simple high level VIs to easily access database
  • Advanced low level VIs to improve performance

LabVIEW components

Functions palette

SmartSQLVIEW for SQLite toolkit is located in SAPHIR palette.

Functions list

Open databaseOpen.png

Execute SQL query

Close database
Create transaction
Commit transaction
Rollover transactionRolloverTransaction.png
Create new statementNewStatement.png
Execute statementExecStatement.png
Clear statementReleaseStatement.png


SmartSQLVIEW for SQLite toolkit is provided with comprehensive example demonstrating how to execute simple query to SQLite database.



  • LabVIEW version : 2010 or later
  • Operating System : Windows*
  • VI Package Manager from JKI - Community Edition For installation process

Download and purchase

* Please contact us us if you are interested in support for other Operating Systems like Linux or Mac OS

Olivier Jourdan

Wovalab founder | DQMH Consortium board member | LinkedIn |

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