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specified device (NI 9881 CanOpen) is not present or is not active

Hey guys,


I'm working on a cRIO 9045 with the CanOpen Modul NI 9881. I changed the program mode of this module in the MAX from FPGA (default value) to Real-Time. After that I got an error message pictured in the attachement. I can't find information regarding this error code. Pressing the reset button in the MAX doesn't help.

Do you know how to solve this problem to work with the CanOpen modul again?


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Hey, stef an


Have you installed the NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen and Real-Time Module?

Also make sure that you have installed same versions of them.

You can also have an unsupported drivers installed for your cRIO and 9881



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How can I check this? I don't think thats a problem of an unsupported driver due to the fact that the error poped up after changing the program mode of the 9881 to Real-Time mode.

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Hi Hamlet,


thanks for your response. I have installed LabView 2018 SP1, NI-RIO 18.5 and the NI-Industrial Communications for CanOpen 18.0.0

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