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nidaqAICreateTask using same channel numbers fails

I am using MAX to pre-scale my channels for calling from within my program. I have been trying to troubleshoot a problem recently regarding the nidaqAICreateTask function. When I set two virtual channels to to read from the same board and same channel they test fine in MAX. However, when using the above function in my program, it will always fail with the following error.
"CTDS2.c", line 208, col 5, thread id 0x000002b0
Function nidaqAICreateTask: (return value == -10401 [0xffffd75f]).
unknownDeviceError: The specified device is not a National Instruments product,
the driver does not support the device (for example, the driver was released
before the
device was supported), or the device has not been configured using the
Measurement & Automation Explorer.

I realize that in the real world we wouldn't use the same input for two different channels, however, for testing it would be nice.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Although I see your point that for testing this would be useful, we do not allow it to happen. In fact, if you tried the same thing using the device's Test Panel, you would see error -10007 returned.

However, the -10401 error is not the correct behavior, and it appears to only happen in CVI. Error -10007 is much more applicable to this situation, so I will report that this situation causes the wrong error code to be generated to our developers.

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