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mysql on cRIO 9039

I have installed MySQL on my cRIO 9039. I can communicate with the MySQL database using the Linux shell. I can also use the "system" to communicate with the database from LabVIEW RT. now, is there a better way to communicate to the MySQL database from LabVIEW RT instead of this method? The DB connectivity toolkit is not supported in LabVIEW RT.

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Hello roodrood,


I hope you are doing great I was looking for another way and I found two. Let me share with you some links.




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Hi David22JRA,


Thank you for the reply. they first link points to a package that is not free if i am correct. the second one seems very interesting, i am just a little confused. i tried it on my system; i gave it the IP address of my cRIO and port number 3306. gave it the user and password and a database name but got back error 56!


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also, i just added the Vis from link 2 to my cRIO in the project to access the database locally. I made the Ip address: localhost and port 3306, gave it the user and pass and a database name but this time i got error 63!


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Hello roodrood,


I hope you had a great weekend. It is possible to install mySQL to a Linux RT cRIO - check out the attached PDF for detailed steps regarding how to do that. 


As far as other resources go, there are some good references linked at the bottom of the Readme.pdf. Also this article describes some of the terminal commands necessary to communicate with the mySQL server: 




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