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compatibility of the NI-9860 with canOPEN protocol



I'm new with NI hardware, 

I want to know if it is possible to communicate my sponsors (that use the campaign protocol) with the NI-9860 module, and if it is possible can I have an example please.


Thanks in advance.



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Since CANopen is built on the CAN physical layer, it is technically possible to use a CAN module such as the NI-9862 for CANopen communication. However, since NI-XNET hardware is not compatible with the NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen driver, you would need to build the application layer from scratch on top of the XNET driver. This would require extensive knowledge of the CANopen protocol and is not something that NI would be able to support. Therefore, purchasing a dedicated CANopen module to implement this protocol is highly recommended. For more information follow this link. 




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