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Visa Error in MAX for Compact RIO

I have a compact rio I haven't used in a few months. In Labview 7.1 and since upgrading to 7.1.1, I can't
connect to the compact rio. In MAX, I can see the crio device. When I open up the device, I get a VISA error
under Devices and Interfaces . 0xBFFF00A7 (VI_ERROR_MACHINE_NAVAIL). I can't ftp or ping to the crio either.
I have NI-RIO 1.2.

I connected to the crio console ....

General Software STPC Embedded BIOS 2000 (tm) Revision 5.2
Copyright (C) 2003 General Software, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2004 National Instruments Corp.

NI cRIO-9002 Controller
00000589K Low Memory Passed
00064512K Ext Memory Passed

PCI Device Table.
Bus Dev Func VendID DevID Class Irq
00 0B 00 104A 0201 Host Bridge
00 0C 00 104A 0210 ISA Bridge
00 0D 00 104A 0229 IDE Controller 11
00 0E 00 104A 0230 Serial Bus 11
00 0F 00 104A 0238 Ethernet 11
00 18 00 1093 70F7 Unknown Device 11
00 1F 00 104A 0981 Ethernet 10

(C) 1996-2003 General Software, Inc.

BIOS revision: 1.1.9 (08/10/04)
Firmware revision: 10.1.94

Booting LabVIEW RT from drive...
Jumping to 07E0:0000
Checksum: 011BCEEB

LabVIEW RT Boot Loader
(C) Copyright 2002-2003 National Instruments Corporation

STE10/100A Ethernet found.
Initializing network... done. IP address is

--------------------- NI-Serial v2.5.4 for LabVIEW RT ---------------------
COM1 - | Built-In Serial Interface

Welcome to LabVIEW Real-Time 7.1

NI-VISA Server started successfully.
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I suggest you reset the IP address (with the HW switch) and connect to it using a crossover cable. Set the IP address to be static in MAX and make sure the subnet matches your host machine's. The easy way to do this is to use the "Suggest Values" button. Don't forget to set the HW switch back to off after you set the IP address in MAX. You may want to reinstall the SW to the cRIO controller also.

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Hi, Raltieri,

I noticed from the text that you sent that your cRIO controller has LabVIEW RT 7.1. Since you upgraded your host computer to LabVIEW 7.1.1, you will also need to upgrade the LabVIEW image on your controller to the same version. Try reinstalling the LabVIEW RT component into the cRIO controller (in MAX, under Remote Systems, under your cRIO >> Software), and just make sure that you select 7.1.1 as the version to reinstall. Most likely that is the problem.

Please let me know if that doesn't help.

National Instruments
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Thanks for the Input. I changed the IP settings on the CRIO to DHCP, and everything started working. Apparently, when I use a Fixed IP, I don't have the subnet mask, Gateway and DNS settings correct, and it's causing networks errors that allow me to see the machine, but not work properly. The network settings are picker for the CRIO, then say, a dumb network device like a Ethernet to Serial Port Converter, which only needs an ip address. Setting a fixed ip address isn't enough on a complex corporate network.

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