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Transition to a non-Silverlight-based web interface?

With Silverlight this close to a hard end of life , is there a a non-Silverlight version of the web interface for RealTime-targets coming out soon?

Customers will in one years time only be able to get Silverlight through us or NI, which will add to the support load, but even then I would imagine that some update of Explorer 11 will close that remaining window of installation...

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Hi Mads,


I haven't seen any explicit replacements for RT Remote Front Panels/Web Interfaces, but this info might help:


  • Forum post from earlier this year with a similar question:
  • Potential alternatives: 
    • Use the NXG 5.0 Web Module (WebVIs): you can create a WebVI which will be hosted on a web server on your CompactRIO. Then, any web browser on the same network will be able to access the WebVI. WebVIs will provide sophisticated UI, however, it's not a drop-in replacement and you'll need to make the effort to write the WebVI itself, configure the communication between WebVIs and your application, and finally build and host the WebVI.

    • SystemLink: you can opt to use SystemLink dashboards as replacement for Remote Front Panels as they are easy to set up and use. You just drag and drop widgets that let you control or view data. In the background, you are just reading and writing to SystemLink tags, and you would need to configure your LabVIEW application to read/write those tags as well.

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We have our own client-server interface in the applications we run on the targets, so the web interface is just a nice lightweight, stand-alone, out of the box option to view and configure some of the more basic parameters - accessible to anyone with a browser. Until now.

If NI wants to solve it by developing a set of WebVIs that comes pre-installed, that would be fine... (Personally I avoid NXG..)

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Has there been an update to this issue. An easier solution than writing the WebVi?

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There has been a non-Silverlight web interface available with NI Linux RT System Image version 21.0 and later.

David C
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Thanks, I found this out after more research. Now the problem is to install this I have to figure out how to bypass admin login on a linux. Window I could do with little resistance.

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"There has been a non-Silverlight web interface available with NI Linux RT System Image version 21.0 and later."


Well, the new web interface does not actually let you control much. If you want to change the network settings, date and time etc. every one of those functions that were available in the Silverlight-based solution now only refer you to NI-MAX...which kind of defeats the whole deal of having some control without needing to install NI-MAX...

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Thank You

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