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Need to replicate the code from sbRIO 9606(Vx works OS) and sbRIO 9607 (Linux ARM based OS) without LabVIEW Project(.lvproj)

 sbRIO-9606 which run VxWorks Operating System which are used to run RT based Applications. Now sbRIO-9606 is obsolete and we need to migrate the systems to sbRIO-9607 which runs NI Linux RT (ARM based).

We have only RT Exe available but does not have the source code of the projects. Therefore, we cannot recompile and redeploy the application by changing the device in project and recompiling to create a new Exe which will support sbRIO-9607.


We have checked the below link which mentions that it is possible with the identical controllers.


Kindly guide us with the possible procedures/methods available for deploying the Exe created for sbrio-9606 on to sbrio9607 which having different OS. There are no sbRIO's available with VxWorks OS.

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Nothing to contribute, but the worst case would be to re-write/develop the application from scratch to suit the new sbRIO board since you lost the source code.


An alternative option is to purchase more 9606 boards from third-party resellers such as apexwaves

Soliton Technologies

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Moving the executable from VxWorks to NI Linux RT is the equivalent of attempting to install a Windows application on a Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu), it won't work. Recompiling the source code is the only practical way to migrate an application. As someone else noted. the other option it to rebuild the application from scratch, or buy identical controllers. ApexWaves appear to have them in stock:


While this will not fix your immediate need, I do have one last thought. If you are going to all the effort of porting an application, consider migrating to an sbRIO with an Intel processor (dual core Atom). The ARM based products are getting 'long in the tooth', and being phased out. Moving to Intel based targets will ensure better support from NI.


Sorry you are in this situation and all the best resolving it. 

David C
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