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NI PXIe-7965r error code -63150

I get the following error when executing my VI:


Error -63150 occurred at

Possible reason(s):

NI-RIO:  (Hex 0xFFFF0952) An unspecified hardware failure has occurred. The operation could not be completed.


I have a PXIe-1071 Chassis with three 7965r and 5781s. However one of the 7965r gives the error stated above when I try to load and run a FPGA bitfile. I have changed the bitfile and I have also changed the slot of 7965r within the chassis. I have swapped the 5781s. All other 7965rs work fine except this one. Is it a software error or there is some hardware problem with this particualr 7965r. It used to work fine earlier but suddenly stopped working recently.

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Hi Malik,


It sounds like your PXIe-7965R might be damaged. If you are interested in getting it checked out, I would recommend contacting NI Customer Service via phone and asking to perform an RMA.


A customer service representative will connect you to an applications engineer and we will walk through some troubleshooting steps (which it sounds like you have already done). If the product is damaged and under warranty, we will arrange to have the 7965R returned for repair or replacement.

Joey S.
Senior Product Manager, Software
National Instruments
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This error can occur for reasons other than a hardware failure. Bios setting were responsible for receiving this error when attaching a PXI system to a PC via MXI.  I have also experienced this error when using a TB3 8301 to connect to a PXIe chassis.  



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how did you solve the issue which you faced ? i am also getting the  same error when i tried with 7820R card.

i have the PXI system connected to PC via MXI.




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