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Migration : CompactFieldPoint to CompactRIO

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I have an acquisition systeme based on CompactFieldPoint boards as following :

- cFP-1808

- cFP-QUAD-510

- cFP-CTR-500

- cFP-AI-112

- cFP-RLY-425  


I want to create another acquisition system that have at least the same I/O type and number but using CompactRIO boards. I need some help to find these references. 


Thank you in advance !

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Have you seen this white paper?

It should answer your questions regards to migrating from cFP to cRIO. If there is something that is not clear or you have more questions feel free to post again. 

Alternatevely, you can call NI at (888) 280-7645 for a NI engineer to assist you with your migration. 

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You can also consider CompactDAQ Controller - a standalone DAQ system. This doesn't have the FPGA that the cRIO does but still is a pretty wicked upgrade over the cFP.



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