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I have LabView but I do not have the Calibration and Configuration Palette,and I could not download it, how can I download it or if i cannot,can I work with the NI-DAQ Calibration_1200?

I have read in a tutorial for the board 1200 that I can calibrate it with the Calibration and Configuration Palette in LabVIEW, but I do not have them and I could not download it to access its libraries, so I can only download the NI-DAQ software,What's my best choice and if it is to download the palette with its libraries, how can download it with them?I'd appreciate your answers
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If you wish to use your 1200 device in LabVIEW, you must download and install NI-DAQ. When you install NI-DAQ, it will ask you if you would like to install support for LabVIEW. By installing this support, you will then have access to the DAQ pallette in LabVIEW. The DAQ pallette requires that you have NI-DAQ installed.

For more information on installing and using your device, you can refer to the DAQ Quick Start Guide. You can download it from:

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