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How to extract bit file from existing FPGA - for inclusion in system image

Is there a way to retrieve the bit file from an FPGA on a cRIO, in case you want to duplicate a device but no longer have the original bit file? We normally use RAD to create images, and you can add the bit file there to be downloaded as part of the image - however that does not help if we do not already have that file. Sometimes we have devices in the field that have been there for ages, and the bit file on the controller might be something auto-generated by NI, or we are unsure of which one it is etc - so the best option to make sure we truly duplicate the system is to grab it from the field unit.


Perhaps this is not supported due to the possibility of bit file theft...(?)

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How are you deploying the bit file? Normally I have the bit file embedded in the RT code so a RAD image would be complete.

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