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How to clear AI_FIFO_Empty_St

I use A/D program (AIEX1; check AI_FIFO_Empty_St) of AT-MIO-16E-1 to receive 1 data at every interrupt but data that received it constant at one data(not change when external data change).

I think, it may be "AI_FIFO_Empty_St" doesn't set to 1(Empty stage) when finish convert data
so can you please give me advice how to clear this bit or how to program A/D that can receive 1 data at every interrupt(0.5msec).

Thank you very much.
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Which card are you using? PCI or ISA? Also, I don't think AIEX1.C uses interrupts. Have you compiled this for DOS? What is the eventual platform for this?
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To Tim O.
I think,I use PCI(It has a slot to connect PC). And my program is run in Microsoft c(run on Dos) that receive data from DC Motor.
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