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How to Use Delphi and Nidaq.dll and DAQ_start to control daqcard700

Iam using Delphi5 and Nidaq.dll and AI_read to control daqcard 700.
Has anyone examples to use DAQ_op or DAQ_start and DAQ_rate ??
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Your question actually belongs in the Measurement Devices Multifunction IO category. In the future, you will find it beneficial to post directly to the appropriate category, as there are similar questions already posted, and others with similar interests may have answers to your questions.

I am currently not aware of any examples with Delphi and NI-DAQ function calls. There are examples for using the ComponentWorks DAQ (ActiveX) controls with Delphi. Or, you can model your Delphi examples after the Visual C examples for the text-based NI-DAQ function calls. The operations for the NI-DAQ function calls would be the same in Delphi, and you would only need to use the appropriate syntax for the Delphi environment, as well as use the appropriate include file.

You ca
n install the Visual C examples and the Delphi support by following the KnowledgeBase entries below.

KnowledgeBase 24DJMNPH: "How Do I Install Examples for Visual Basic, Visual C++, and Delphi with NI-DAQ 6.8 (or higher)?"

KnowledgeBase 0UQFO1L7: "NI-DAQ and the Delphi Language Interface"

Also, you will find the NI-DAQ User Manual and the NI-DAQ Help file vital to programming with the NI-DAQ functions.

You can find the KnowledgeBase entries and manuals by going to the pages.


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