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Error with CDAQ Drivers or RealTime Drivers?

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I am getting this error when I load my project. The CDAQs should appear anyways! But they do not. I installed everything on the CDS but I still cant figure out why these wont go. Heres my software installations:

NI MAX Software.gif

Dan Haugen
Certified LabVIEW Developer
CLD Instructor
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Hi dhaugen92,


It seems that you have all the necessary software. I will double check this, meanwhile, check the NI License Manager and see if your software is properly licensed.


Also, do you see this problem in NI MAX or LabVIEW?




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Accepted by topic author dhaugen92

The problem was in LabVIEW only.

Ive found the solution - even though I already had daqmx drivers installed for all devices, it was necessary to include the Device Drivers DVD with the installation of real-time environment (which it prompts during the installation - i took this to mean it would install all the device drivers I already had installed). Once I included the device drivers in the installation, it solved the issue.


Very strange to have to re-install the device drivers for Real-Time environment when they are already installed... Not quite sure how that works under the hood.

Dan Haugen
Certified LabVIEW Developer
CLD Instructor
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