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Power tree simulation tool

Hi all


I am currently trying to program a tool that would permit to easily and fastly calculate the power tree of my designs. As an example there is a tool which already exist in LTpowerCAD which is called LTPowerPlanner (I attached an example of what I am trying to make in Lab View). However this tool doesn't have all the functionalities I want to, so I figured that I need to develop my own via Lab View.


Unfortunately I am new to Lab View and I think that I need some add ons to realize this project. So here is my question.


What do I need in Lab View to simulate Loads and DC/DC converters


Best regards

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Please explain what you mean by "simulate" and the kind of fidelity you expect from the simulation. If you can explain a little further on what LTPowerPlanner does for you, your chances of getting an answer here would go up.



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Hi Thank you for your answer


Basically in LTPowerPlanner I can design all my power tree.

I know the average consumption of all the branch of my tree (for example the 1.15V will consume 0.4 A, the 3.3 V will consume 0.5 A...), then I know the efficiencies of my different DC/DC converters.

As a result LTPowerPlanner give me the total consumption on my power supply, the power consumption on all my branches and the total power dissipated.


I would like to reproduce this on Lab View but I would like to take in account the tolerancies given by the constructors

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