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TS9725: Understanding Test System Performance


Matthias Baudot (Software Architect, Studio Bods)

Chris Roebuck (Software Architect, Delacor)


When discussing test architectures and schemas, you need to have the correct metrics to evaluate system performance. Yield, overall equipment effectiveness, gauge R&R, and cost of failure are common metrics. You can characterize test environments, workflow, and toolchains and use these metrics to increase efficiency. At this session, learn about the various tools you can use to deploy updates, manage multiple test stations in different locations, monitor their current status, store test parameters and results, and generate reports to help visualize the metrics.


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You can find out more about Delacor here


Our application development framework, the DQMH has been selected as a LabVIEW Tools Network Product of the Year Finalist !  so we're even more excited about NI Week this year.


Looking forward to seeing you at the presentation and talking about a subject close to my heart, measuring test system performance.




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