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5 Tips to Modularize, Reuse, and Organize Your Development Chaos

ID: TS6420

Abstract: LabVIEW Champion and LabVIEW Architects Forum Founder Fabiola De la Cueva shares tips and tricks for combining reuse library management and source code control tools to manage your released code and facilitate working in multideveloper teams. Also learn how to add formal release steps for reused code.

Speaker: Fabiola De La Cueva, Delacor, LabVIEW Architect

Demonstration videos used during presentation:

Full Playlist can be found at:

Demo 1: Identify Reusable Code and build first package

Demo 2: Issues when no prefix is added

Demo 3: Adding Prefix

[Edit] After NI Week here is a variation on Demo 3 that shows prefixing only the owning library:

Demo 4: Adding footnote to VI Description

Demo 5: Creating a vipc file

Demo 6: Importing IDNET driver