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Come See VI Shots Live at NIWeek 2012

VI Shots is hitting the road and will be coming to you live from NIWeek 2012!

I will be joined by several prominent members of the LabVIEW community at the technology theater in the exhibition hall on Tuesday Aug. 7th between 4-5pm.

I will be recording the discussion live. If you are attending NIWeek, then come watch and be part of the show. We will be taking questions from the audience. However, your best bet to get a question in will be to post it ahead of time for consideration. Any question is fair game.

Just go here and fill-in your question that you want to ask me or the rest of the panel:

Click here to submit a question for VI Shots Live.

Some of my guests will include:

  • Brian Powell (NI)
  • Justin Goeres (JKI)
  • Chris Relf (VI Engineering)
  • Jack Dunaway