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win7 LabView2011 DAQmx9.5.5 Can find pxi-6251 Cannot find scxi-1102 and scxi-1520

Within Windows 7  OS, I have  installed LV2011 and DAQmx9.5.5, in the chassis PXI-1052, i have a PXI-6251 card, a SCXI-1022 and a SCXI-1520 card.

When i run the MAX, only the PXI-6251 card finded, the other two cards SCXI-1022 and SCXI-1520 are not finded.

Because i have two OSs installed in my PC, so when i changed to the XP OS, but with an old versions of LabView and DAQ, all worked well.

Any suggestion to me?

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OK! My case has been fixed.

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