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setting ni485 comm ports

We have a NI485 board for the Compaq computer running WINDOWS 2000. This computer has Comm1 and Comm 2 implemented; all higher ports are free. BUT when we install the NI485 board it goes to COMM11 and COMM 12. How do we reset the ports to COMM 3 and COMM 4 where it should be.

PS: I have called NI several times during the last week looking for an answer. I have talked to at least 4 techs and had no luck.

My service numbers are 732509 and 345526 if that's any help.

Jim Christensen
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Mr. Christensen,

You can change the COM# from within the Device Manager. If you right-click on MyComputer and select Properties, goto the Hardware Tab then the Device Manager button. Under the ports section will be a listing of the NI-485 ports. Call up the properties of the port you wish to change and goto the port settings tab. There should be options for baud rate, etc and an Advanced button. In the advanced menu, there should be an option in the lower left corner to change the COM# of the port.

Ryan Mosley
National Instruments, Applications Engineer
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