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pxi655x automatic shut down due to over temperature

I have a PXI-1045 chassis with the following pxi boards installed,
1. PXI 6602 x 1
2. pxi 6534 x 3
3. pix5411 x 1
4. pxi4070 x 1
The whole system works fine, however after I installed 3 pxi 6551 in the pxi chassis, I always encounter the problem that the pxi 6551 boards will shut down automatically due to over temperature, and the message showed that I need to switch the system off. Has anyone come across similar problem? Sometimes it happens even when I have not run any LabVIEW programme...Could anyone give me some advice?
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It sounds like you have a pretty full chassis but I don't see anything that should cause an immediate thermal shutdown.  Here are a few things to check:

1 - Is your chassis operating at room temperature (ie 27 C)?

2 - Are your PXI chassis fans on and unimpeded?  If not make sure they are on "High".  Also make sure the filters on the chassis fans are clean and there is air space behind the chassis to allow air flow. 

3 - Are your 655x boards in adjacent slots?  If so try spacing them out or putting your other boards between them.  This should reduce the concentration of heat in your chassis.  Also verify that any unused PXI slots are covered with slot blocking (blank) panels.  This maintains ideal airflow inside of the chassis.

4 - Do the three 655x boards work when they are the only devices in the chassis?

The thermal shutdown is meant to prevent the 655x from operating outside of its legal thermal range.  This guarantees the device specifications can be met and ensures the product won't fail due to overtemperature.

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Thanks for your help, RB.

I have removed the PXI6551 boards, and have only pxi6534, 8331, 6602, 5411 installed in my 1045 chassis, but I still have problems with the system which can be describled as below.

When I switch on the pxi system and then my PC(with MIX-4), I can see all the boards work well in MAX by performing self test or by use of test panel. However, whenever I start up my LabVIEW7.1 and try to edit some VIs(without even running these VIs), all the boards would stop working. I open the MAX and use the test panel again and found out all boards failed self test with either the error -10461 or -10401. 

The version of my LabVIEW is 7.0 and 7.1, HSDIO version 1.4, Please help...


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Those errors usually indicate that the device is already in use or there is a problem using the device driver.  When using MXI, it is important to have the chassis powered on before your computer.  This allows Windows to allocate resources to the devices in the PXI chassis.

My guess as to what happened is the PXI chassis was powered off, the cards were changed and then the PXI chassis was powered on agian.  Since the PC remained on the entire time, there are resource issues and you are getting errors.  Try leaving the PXI chassis on and rebooting your PC.  I think this will help solve the current issue.


Ryan M.

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Hi YJ2003

This sounds like you still have either the Test Panel open in MAX or MAX still has a reference to the card, After you have checked in MAX that the cards work. Please close MAX and then open LabVIEW and try your program from there.
You can only access the cards through the driver from one application/reference point. If you have multiple entry points you will start confusing the situation.

When you get a -10461 or -10401 error please try to reset the device within MAX.

Applications Engineer
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Thanks a lot. The pxi system works again after I reset the PC, and I think I tried to access the card from both labview and max last time.
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