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Video pulse(width and count) train measurements

We need to measure the sync pulse's width in a video signal to first determine the occurrence of the vertical sync pulse in each field, and then we need to count the successive horizontal sync pulse edges in order to arrive at a specific video line.

Are there better suggestions on how to arrive at a particular video line in the video signal?
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Do you want to do image acqusition and acquire the image from your camera for display/analysis purposes or do you just want to measure the distances between pulses. If you do want to acquire your images from the camera, you won't need to worry about measuring the distances, the driver will take care of all these details and just return the pixel values to you that occured during the active time of VSYNC and HSYNC on the edge of the clock.

If you do want to measure the timing of your HSYNC/VSYNC/pixel clock, etc. I would recommend a 6602 counter timer board. The DAQ people can give you more info on this.

Hope this helps,
Brad Buchanan
Image Acquisition
National Instruments
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