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Using SLSC 12001 Chassis and 12201 DIO card with PXI

I need to use 12201 DIO card with 12001 SLSC Chassis. I understand I need to connect it with PXI Controller over ethernet. I created a veristand project, in System Explorer I am able to detect this chassis and even add the 12201 DIO card. Issue is I am not able to understand how to control the individual pins of the cards as Digital Inputs or outputs. The DIO card is connected to chassis and the back side connector is connected to PXIe 7858r FPGA card mounted on separate PXI chassis.

I understand that it needs some bitfile to be loaded in above FPGA card and then we control the DIOs of the SLSC Module. Are there any default bitfiles shipped by NI or we need to create them through some labview vi? Please guide.

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This document might help you. On p8 you'll find example project references. 


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