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Triggering PXI-4462 and Pxi-6733 in Chassis Pxi-1033


I am trying generate two waveforms on a PXI-6733 while measuring 3 inputs on a PXI-4462 in a PXI-1033 chassis. However I cant get the triggering to work. I tried different things but ends up with an error no mather what I try. I have attached my latest attempt which generate error -50103.


There seems to be many way of making triggering work and I am not entirely sure which way is the best on a PXI system. I you cant find a simpe solution to my problem meaby someone can guide me to som good littereature about how triggering works on PXI system and how it is programmed in labview.


  In advance thanks for your help


                 Best regards Jesper 

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