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Software intalled, indentified MAX, cannot find PXI-7813R in the project

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I'm having a small problem with adding the FPGA target.

I think the software is installed, versions are matched, and the connection has no problem, MAX even shows nice detection of the devices. But I just cannot find the FPGA target in the project tree. Even though I look for just new target (not automatic searching), I still don't see PXI-7813R but I do see some other PXI R series.

Is there something I can do at this moment? Thanks in advance,



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Do you install following device driver?

NI R Series Multifunction RIO 19.0 - NI R Series Multifunction RIO Device Drivers May 2019



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Hi Emboar, 


Yes of course, but it still didn't show up after this so I installed the latest one again (19.1) but somehow it is still not there. Manual clearly says it supports PXI-7813R, but as you see in the attached screenshot, it only shows PCI-7813R.





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To be honest, I have a confusion. If support for PXIe-7813R is end, PCI/PXI-7813R also must be I believe.

In fact that you are seeing the problem so, I guess 19.1 doesn't provide device support for PCI/PXI/PXIe-7813R.


I want a reply from NI employee.

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In the past, I had a similar problem. NI-IMAQ driver said it supported PCI-1408 but as the result, it didn't.

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Yeah, that is also my first guess. I still need someone can tell about this. Thanks though, happy thanksgiving!



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Accepted by topic author loorex07

Hi loorex07,


Support ends for PXI-7813R for LabVIEW 2019, NI R Series Multifunction RIO 19.0.

Support continues for PCI-7813R.


In this document Software Support for CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, Single-Board RIO, R Series, and EtherCAT you can find the information about compatible version of LabVIEW and Drivers for both - PCI and PXI version of the module.

The Readme is truly confusing, let me report it internally in order to clarify it for others who may come into the same situation.


Thanks for noticing and bringing it up to our forums.




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I feel it is truly nonsense that Labview 2019 does not support PXI-7813R. Regarding the link that you sent, am I thinking correctly? This was helpful for solving my question but it is frustrating that I cannot utilize FPGA now. Thanks, though!

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Hello All,


can someone please tell me what I could be doing wrong in setting up my system.


I have NI PXIe Chassis which is using another vendors Controller running Windows 10 and I can see the 2 NI-HW (NI PXI 7813R) connected on this chassis (left side of Screenshot below) in the NI Max installed directly on the controller.


Then I have a windows Standalone PC running also windows 10 and a network cable connecting the external vendors controller to the Windows standalone PC. In the Max installed on the standalone PC, I cant see the NI PXI 7813R devices in Max (Right side of Screenshot below).


Am I missing something ?

The controller and Windows PC have IP addresses as  and respectively (as example) and same Subnet 


Thanks all for your assistance.




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I think you cannot access the PXI RIO card over ethernet (not the RT one, but regular), it has to be locally connected to the windows system you're using.

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