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Product Life Cycle Status

Is it possible to find out how long a certain instrument will be avaliable for purchase, repair, replacement?

I need this information to plan the spare parts I need.


I have the following instruments in use and need to have a plan if one of it breaks.

PXI-8360 MXI-Express,  PXI-4110 PSU, PXI-4072 DMM, PXIe-1083 Chassis, 1933554-03 Cable for PXI-8360, PXIe-8301 Controller, PXI-1042 Chassis, PCI-8361 Device for PXI Remote Control, PCIe-8361 Device for PXI Remote Control


A list of compatible successor devices would also be okay.

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I suggest reaching out to NI support or sales; the forum is not an appropriate place to obtain information related to your requirements (desired system lifetime, number of systems, etc.).


For specific devices, I would start by looking at the What Is the Life Cycle of My Product document and search for the models on ni.com.


Offhand, the PXI-4072 has been replaced by the PXIe-4082.

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