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Problems in configuration of two SCXI-1141 filters (in parallel mode) in a PXI-1010 with a 6031E DAQ and SXCI-1353 kit

I am trying to configure two SCXI-1141 filters in parallel mode in a 6031E DAQ in a PXI-1010 using SCXI-1353 kit (double shielded cable and two conectors) at rear of two SCX!-1141. I am using also a ICP SCXI-1531 in mode multiplex. I tried many configurations, but I can control only one of the SCXI-1141 boards. The second I can't set the filter. Sometimes it function, but when I boot the PXI, the filter dont function more, only the first. Does anyone know a correct configuration? Is it possible?

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I'm not quite clear on how your system is set up. Do you have two PXI-6031E boards each connected via the SCXI-1353 MIO-16 connector end cabled to the SCXI-1141? Note that the SCXI-1353 has the two connector ends--MIO-16 and Extended I/O. As you can see in the SCXI-1353 Cable Installation Guide, with your particular board, the Extended I/O end can only connect to the SCXI-1180 feedthrough panel.

The SCXI-1531 has onboard filters, so it doesn't sound like you are trying to cascade any of these modules. Is the SCXI-1531 connected to another board? Since it is a simultaneous sampling board, in a multiplexed SCXI system, it would be cabled directly to a DAQ board.

You can find more information about configuration at the http://www.ni.com/support/scxi pages.
Also, the Getting Started with SCXI manual is a vital reference. This and the 1353 Guide are also available at the http://www.ni.com/support pages.

Geneva L.
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I have 03 DAQ boards in my PXI-1010.

1) PXI slot 4 - SXCI-6031E connected in parallel mode with two SCXI-1141 filters boards (Chassis slots 2 and 3) , via SCXI-1353 shielded cable kit, using two parts of the double cable)

2) PXI slot 6 - SCXI 6031E connected in parallel mode with one SCXI-1141 filters boards (Chassis slot 4) , via SCXI-1353 shielded cable kit (using one part of the double cable).

3) PXI slot 8 - SCXI-6030E connected with a SCXI-1531 ICP board (Chassis slot 1) in mode multiplex.

I am trying control the filter in chassis slot 3, but only the filters in slot 2 and 4 function. In the configuration, only the filter in slot 2 "see" the 6031E in PXI slot 4. The filter in slot 3 does not see the daq Board - "none".

Is it possible
to make this configuration? Do you know the right way?


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