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Pitch of IDC-50 Connectors (R1005050 Cables)


I plan to design customized interface boards for a PXI system with DAQ modules and R1005050 cables.

This cables have a 100-pin connector at one end and two 50-pin IDC connectors at the other end.

But two standards exist for IDC connectors (see attached file):

. with a 2.54mm pitch (i.e. a 1.27mm pitch for the cable)

. with a 2.00mm pitch (i.e. a 1.00mm pitch for the cable)

Does anyone know which one is used for R1005050 cable?

I didn't find the information in NI documentation 😞

Thanx & Best regards,



R1005050 Cable Page: http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/11819






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I am also planing to layout a custom board to interface to the IDC-50 pin connector but would like even more information such as the P/N of the connector spec an appropriate mating pcb header. I have not so far, been able to find a simple bom for the R1005050 ribbon cable assembly.

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