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PXI 8105 to PXI 8110 upgrade

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We are upgrading a PXI-8105 to a PXI-8110. When we slot the processor module into the 1045 cardframe (3 years old), we have no monitor response, and no idea if the keyboard works either. If we put the PXI-8110 back into the 1045 cardframe that we have just bought, then everything is OK.


Anybody come across this before, or have any idea how to fix this.

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Additional Information:


The problem appears to be an incompatibilty problem between the PXI-8110 Controller and a Pickering 40-534A-022 (the only two cards in the 1045 frame as everything else is removed). What happens is the Drive LED on the controller comes on and then immediately switches off. It appears that there is no drive activity at this point. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Problem solved.


For anyone else who comes across this, the pickering boards need a firmware upgrade to be compatible with the PXI-8110.

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