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PXI-4137 Current Limit Response Time

Hello, I am looking for a response time for this module to react to an over-current condition.  Thanks for the help

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Hi mbliss,


Since the 4137 is made to provide current, how are we getting it into a state of overcurrent?


NI Technical Support Engineer
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If I source DC voltage and set a current limit, then I could hit the current limit if there is a short or low enough resistance to cause more than the set current limit.  I wanted to know how fast this safety feature acts in order to shut down the voltage.  I'm also assuming that the PXI-4139 would have a similar response, but I don't see anything in the datasheet.

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That specification is not something that exists. If you are using the device outside of its specified tolerances for any period of time NI cannot guarantee what damage it will sustain no matter how quickly the protection kicks in.

This question sounds like it would be better answered by a service request. I would recommend calling 866-275-6964 and speak with an applications engineer to make sure this is correct for your application.

NI Technical Support Engineer
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