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PXI-4110 disabling and enabling the output

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I am programmming a PXI-4110 DC power supply. I want to disable and enable the outputs. I am using niDCPower_Disable() to disable the outputs. and using niDCPower_Initiate() to enable the outputs. Problem is after I disable the outputs with niDCPower_Disable()  and enable with niDCPower_Initiate()  I lose all of my settings like the output voltage. So what I do is call niDCPower_ConfigureVoltageLevel() and niDCPower_ConfigureCurrentLimit() before I call niDCPower_Initiate() so the outputs are set to the desired voltage.


What I want to do is enable and disable just like pusing a button on a power supply panel.

For example,  I call niDCPower_Disable() to open the relay switch.

It would seem like there would be a function niDCPower_Enable() which would close that relay switch and not reset all of my voltage and current limit settings.


Any help on the best way to do this would be appreciated.



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Figured it out using :

 status = niDCPower_ConfigureOutputEnabled(vi_4110_0, channel0Name, VI_FALSE);

to disable and then I initiate with

 status = niDCPower_Initiate(vi_4110_0);

This way my power supply is ready to go but my relay is open.



When I am ready to close the relay I do this:
 status = niDCPower_ConfigureOutputEnabled(vi_4110_0, channel0Name, VI_TRUE);


Then later on if I want to open the relay again I only call this:

status = niDCPower_ConfigureOutputEnabled(vi_4110_0, channel0Name, VI_FALSE);


Problem solved.



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