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NI PXIe 4141 Custom transient response

Hi All,

I am using NI PXIe 4141 SMU. I am trying control the Settling Time and Overshoot of step response of my Voltage output. I am trying to use "Custom Transient Response (CTR)" configuration for this purpose. We have following three parameters that we can use to configure the CTR.
  • Pole-Zero Ration
  • Compensation Frequency
  • Gain BW
I have tried to change the values manually and check the system response. I couldn't see any change in the Transient Response of SMU. Is there any documentation available to calculate those parameters according to my loading condition? 
Is there anyone who worked on such setup?
Please help.
Anandelamaran Duraisamy,
Senior Project Engineer,
Soliton Technologies (P) Ltd,
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