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Interfacing CANopen with real time system

I am trying to interface a real time system with CANopen, I will be using the PXI 8513, a PXIe 8133 embedded controller with a PXIe 1065 chasis. I currently have the 30 day trial for the CANopen labview library and having been attempting to set this up, but I am unsure of how to connect to the software to the hardware.  I know I can set up the interface using the CANopen create function in labview, but do I select the system inside of the create vi?  I tried to enter the VI to see what is going on inside to see if there is something in there that I need to change, but it is password protected.


Any Ideas?


Thank you,


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Hello Anthony A.,


Thanks for the post, you should be able to set the necessary parameters using controls or constants with the CANopen VIs. An example of a CANopen project using PXI and RT can be found using the NI Example Finder. If you search for CANopen in the Example Finder with the CANopen Library installed you should find several examples. In addition to these examples the context help/detailed help for each of these VIs provide more detailed information on how to configure each VI.


Please take a look at some of these examples and also post any additional information about your application that would be helpful.



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