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Installing a PXI 1031

I can't seem to get the M & A Explorer to recognize my PXI slots.

The chassis shows up but slots 2,3 & 4 come in as unknown.

I've got a PCI-4472 Dynamic Signal Acquisition board installed in slot 2 and I'm using a laptop with XP installed.

First time I've tried to set up this chassis and I'm not sure where to go from here.

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Hi TMac,

Is the card showing up under Devices and Interfaces?  What about in device manager?



Sammy Z.

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Sammy Z


It does show up on the "Devices and Interfaces" as an empty chassis.

Under Device Manager I have a 02 Micro 0Z711EZ1 Memory Card Bus Controller under PCMCIA adapters.

This is the only PCMCIA device I have installed so I am assuming that is the PXI-1031.

I also show a "Other PCI Bridge Device" under PCI Bridge Device that does not have a driver installed



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TMac 5437


Can you please attach a screenshot of MAX as well as a screenshot of the Device manager when viewed by connection. View>> View by Connection


 Also Let's Ensure that NI-DAQmx is installed.  To verify check under the software tree of Measurement and Automation Explorer and verify that NI-DAQmx is present there. 


You say that the Chassis is empty what cards do you have other than the DSA device?


Charley Dahan

Global Account Manager
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Can't seem to get a screen shot into this reply.

I tired dropping it into Word and attaching the file but when I preview it there are red "x's" where the pictures were.

Tried copying and paste from Word and it is garbled code.

How do can I get a screen shot into this window/reply.

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Hi TMac,

What is the extension of your image?

Are you using the tree looking icon or the add attachements from the bottom?



Sammy Z.

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