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How to use PXIe-6571 as a slave transmitter

I want to measure I2S signal,the chip is set to master mode and receiver.The chip provides SCLK and WSCLK,and 6571 provides DATA. What can I do with the PXIe-6571 in  Digital Pattern Editor?

My opinion is that When the falling edge of the WSCLK signal of the chip reaches, the 6571 can send DATA signal immediately.But I cannot realize it in flow control,such as "match","capture" and so on.

Can anyone gives me an example?


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In general, 6571 is limited in features to take in external clock and respond synchronously, please look at this example to see if you get any idea for your application




Beyond this, you're limited with what you can do with 6571 as a standalone I2S slave, but things can get better if your DUT can take in an external clock which in turn is generated by the 6571 then everything becomes easier again.

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