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How to diagnosis PXI-1010 and SCXI hardware

HI ni,
I experienced some problems in our application.
Our hardware configuration is:
PXI-1010 chasis: Device 2: PXI-6527,Device 4:PXI-6713
DEVICE 5: PXI-6602,DEVICE 8: PXI-6052E
SCXI chasis: MODULE 1: SCXI-1100,Module 2: SCXI-1126
It was working fine, but now it always comes up warning code 10685, it means clock is too high. This was happen after I used this chasis to test a faulty scxi-1102.
I've tried to bypass this warning and all scxi-1102 channel give a flat line reading, the voltage is about -1.4 volt. Obvious there are something wrong with the hardware.
So I need to know how to loacte which cards are faulty ?


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Hey Fwu,

Please refer to this discussion post. Let us know in this thread if you have any questions after reading the old post.

Best regards,

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Hello justin,

I faced the same problem while using 6052E with SCXI modules in SCXI 1001 chassis. In fact I was getting NaN with this warning( 10685). Actually the link that you were referring to seems to be moved from there. Can you tell me the discussion topic, so that I can search for it.


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