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How do I install the OS on a PXI-8146RT?

I'm running LVRT 7.1.1, NI-DAQ 7.4, etc.  Dragged out an older PXI RT Controller, put 64MB flash in it, and while trying to load newer software I lost the OS.  How do I start from empty/formatted on this?  MAX says chassis is "Connected - no software installed".  Depending on what order I try to install it gives error of either "upgrade embedded OS" or "Required dependencies...". 
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I mistakenly thought the embedded OS was partly on the flash card of the PXI RT Controller (bought several years ago and since unused).  In MAX, under the "Install Software" option, it has an "Update OS" button where it can update the BIOS with newer OS, but the button was greyed-out.  Turns out I had a policy restriction in effect on my PC and when lifted I did update the OS (close jumper W2).  All the 7.1.1 software drivers loaded fine after that.  Anybody moving from RT 6.x to RT 7.x on PXI may have encountered this. 


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I am experiencing the same problem with a 8145 controller. I did closed the W2 jumber, but the update os button is still greyed-out. Is there anything else that you did before installing the software? What version of MAX did you use?

Thanks in advance,
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I'm no expert, but anything that prevents you from full access to the web site where the PXI OS updates are located will keep the "Update OS" button from working.  Most common cause may be a firewall.  Logon with administator rights.  Make sure you have a minimum of 64MB flash card too.  I'm using MAX 3.1.1.  Last desperation move - uninstall and reinstall DAQ (7.4).  Good luck.


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Thank you for contacting National Instruments. Here are a few steps that could help:
1. Take out the Compact Flash card and reformat it using a Compact Flash reader
2. Reset the IP address on your controller either by switching the IP Reset switch to 'ON' or by setting it in the BIOS (More information about this will be available in your PXI controller's manual)
3. Open MAX and expand Remote Systems. You should see your controller show up as there
4. Right click on your controller and say 'format disk'
5. Once controller has finished formatting you can assign it an IP address and install software

Note: It is important to make sure that you have any firewalls turned off. Also, if you are connecting over a DHCP server you will need to be on the same subnet.

Let me know if the problem persists after this.

Best Regards,

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