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Having your PXI controller managed by your network management system such as LanDesk



My IT group is requiring me  to put my PX-8105 (running visata) under our managed desktop system and push the updates.  Has anyone have gone through this process with thier PXI system and what are the pluses and minuses?


Thanks for any input.



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I have not had experience with this exact set up, but I would think you should be OK. Here at NI, our desktops are managed by IT, and it does not affect my LabVIEW or hardware drivers.


So, as long as the managed desktop is routine checkups, like SP updates and virus software management, then you should be OK.


Peter Flores
Applications Engineer
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Hello Keana


Our PXI systems in our lab are plugged into IT, we regularly receive security patches and different updates and we have not had any problems with that.  I know that the security software (e.g. Macafee) is known to slow down the system, but our PXI controllers are so lean that we do not see a performance hit and if you're connected to the network you probably want the protection that IT can offer.


Couple things I would make sure of are:

  1. Make sure IT configures their updates, backups, etc. when the system is not in use, or at least not during heavy usage times (early am morning hours perhaps)
  2. Make sure the updates do not force a restart on your system since you might be right in the middle of testing.  We had a small problem with this early on, but it was easily taken care of by communicating our needs to IT
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