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Disciplined PXI-6653 and PXI-6683



I have a pxi system, a pxi-1031 DC chassis,


- In slot 2 I have a pxi-6653 card (provide reference clock timebase)

- In slot 3 a pxi-6683 card (will trigger according to the GPS timestamp)

- In slot 4 a pxi-4462 card.


I have tried to discipline the system using the NI "Multi-device PXI_Clk10 Disciplining 1.1" but I have not succeeded. Anyone know if it is possible to do it. Or if you can share information on how it could be done.



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Hi fcorona,


This setup should work fine for what you're trying to do.


Have you switched S2 on the 1031 backplane? There's a bank of dip switches on the 1031 backplane behind the controller slot. S2 on the bank tells the chassis to use either it's own backplane clock or an external clock (from something like the 6653). By default, it's should be in the off position telling the chassis to use it's own backplane clock. There's a little note on this in the 1031 manual System Reference Clock section, but it's easy to miss.



If you already have switched S2, can you give us more details on what you're seeing? Is there an error message or anything telling why it's not working?

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thanks for your reply,


From the start change switch S2 to external clock. The application does not show any error, I have left it running for more than an hour and it does not show anything. attached image.I have NI Sync 17.0.0 installed.




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It doesn't look like it's connecting to GPS. Let's set aside the Multi Device Clk10 sync application for now and move to a Test Panel in MAX. This will remove an extra variable in the setup.


In MAX, select the 6683H and open a Test Panel. Click Set Time Reference and set this to GPS. After that, move to the GPS tab and make sure you're getting a satellite lock. Mine's not locked on to anything because I don't have a GPS antenna connected.

6683 Test Panel .png6683 Test Panel 2.png

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I have done what he comments in the MAX, attached image. From what I see is that the GPS works correctly.





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