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Can the PXI-NI-2530 switch be programmed as a 2x32 matrix?

Is it possible to configure the NI2530 switch to be used as a 2-wire 2x32 matrix?  The only 2-wire pre-programmed matrix setting I can see it 4x16.

A quick google search didn't yield anything, but maybe there's some NI documentation showing if it's possible?

This is not one of the pre-programmed options, but I'm wondering if it is possible to manually control the internal relays for it to act as a 2x32.

(Otherwise...I know...buy another 2530 or similar...)

Thanks, Jackson

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Hello, Jackson.W!


I'm assuming you have a 2530B, please let me know if this is not the case. If so, you can actually configure it as a 1-64 2-wire multiplexer, would that do the trick?


This should just be available as one of the selectable configurations, but let us know if you have any issues.



Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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yep, I have a 2530B.  


but, the 1-64 doesn't do it for me.  I would like to be switching my DUT's between a waveform generator and LCR.  There's a setting for 4x16 matrix, but I'm wondering if I manually set the relays I can get it to behave like a 2x32.  My main driver is to get as many DUT's tested at once as possible.

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Hello, Jackson!


The short answer is no - the relays can only be changed within one of the set configurations. 


Now for the long answer:

It sounds like you'd like to have the Waveform Generator and LCR connected physically at the same time, and test the LCR of each DUT with a given generated waveform, is this correct?


If this is the case, I guess I'm confused why you'd only want a 2x32 matrix - I would think you'd want 2 lines per measurement/generation device, such that the 4x32 would be your best bet. 


If you really do only need two lines, note that the 1x64 configuration I mentioned is for 2-wire measurements, so it's effectively acting as a 2x64 (almost). See below:


2530 1x64, 2-wire

Please let me know if I'm picturing your intended setup wrong.





Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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