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New member introduction

Dear North of Britain LabVIEW User Group newcomers,


So that we can get to know each other better in this community, we, the Community Admin Team, would like to ask you to leave a few lines to introduce yourselves. Things to consider should be:


1. What motivates you to join the North of Britain LabVIEW User Group?

2. What experience do you have in the area of ​​LabVIEW (possibly certifications, projects, training, coursework, etc.)?

3. Other NI related areas of expertise?  

4. How did you become aware of this user group?

5. Anything else you don’t want to withhold from us.

6. Optional: A photo to relieve our poor memory of names


Have fun using this platform - we look forward to a lively exchange of experiences!

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Hello World!


My name is Ioan Polenciuc but many may already know me as John. I am a member of Hampel Software Engineering where besides creating better software, we also enjoy being involved in the community. Together with #teamhampelsoft and all the members in this group we would like to extend the NI tool chain community borders (but let's face it, the vast majority started with LabVIEW) towards the north of the UK.

I used to teach LabVIEW as a postgraduate at the University of York and then got more and more experience within the industry. Now working towards getting my certifications (so what better way to share experiences in this regard than a user group) and recently got my CLD and can occasionally be found banging my head against Teststand.

3D printing and tinkering with hardware are some sort of specialty but I am sure we can discuss more on this topic at our future meets.


Ioan HSE Photo.jpg


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Hello everyone,

My name is Jörg Hampel and my professional interest lies in software engineering in small teams, with a focus on process and workflow standardisation and automation. 


I have been creating software for a living for more than two decades, working with NI's technology stack since 2007, with the LabVIEW community being one of the greatest assets in the NI ecosystem. My persona is outgoing and extrovert, and as such I enjoy speaking with and in front of people. Put these two things together and it's a no-brainer that we kicked off the Würzburg LabVIEW User Group (or WUELUG) here in our region back in 2018. It has been going very well, and we love meeting our #LabVIEWfriends once every 3 or 4 months. 


I'm the owner of Hampel Software Engineering (, where we specialise in working with teams of software developers to increase the quality of their software through improved development processes. All the boring details can be found in my LinkedIn profile.


Anyhow, I'm looking forward to supporting my colleague Ioan with standing up and running the NOBLUG, replicating the success of our WUELUG and bringing joy and knowledge to all the #LabVIEWfriends in the North Of Britain region.

Let's do this!



DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshops (Fab, Steve, Brian and me)
Release Automation Tools for LabVIEW (CI/CD integration with LabVIEW)
DQMH® (The Future of Team-Based LabVIEW Development)

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Hi Everyone


I am Jonathan Hobson (Jono), based in Sheffield & currently a Principal Solutions Engineer within the Transportation Business Unit @ NI/Emerson. I've been at NI for 4 years now & previously was the Systems Engineering Group Lead @ TBG Solutions. I have been using LabVIEW for around 13 years, I did my university internship at NI & have been a CLA since 2018 (I think!?). My daily role is less hardcore LV development and more primarily leading medium to large project teams in ADAS HiL & EoL Production Test systems for current and next generation Vehicle ECUs and Sensors.


I've talked at NI Week/Days, GDevCon & other LUGs & I remember being part of the Sheffield LUG ~10 years ago so great to see something being setup for a larger audience!


Looking forward to attending/presenting at some point!


5656-4500 - Copy.jpg



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Welcome Jono! Great to have you! 

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I am John Medland - Senior Systems Engineer at Control Software Solutions and runner of rival North-West LabVIEW User Group (although we have been pretty quiet post pandemic-lockdowns). I am based in Manchester and the office is situated in Saddleworth, near the Greater Manchester and Yorkshire boarder.

I like developing software and talking about software development, especially LabVIEW, and I like spying on neighbouring LabVIEW Groups.

I have been using LabVIEW since 2007 and a CLA since 2016-ish and have worked on LabVIEW applications as an engineer at a particle accelerator and an academic at the University of Manchester before joining CSS around 10 months ago.

I heard about this group from a HSE blog post and I am excited to hear more and try and attend any online/in-person meetings you host.


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Welcome, John! No such thing as rivalries here:)). I am currently based just North of Newcastle, near Morpeth so we're hoping to cover the remainder of the map, going further North end East, but the LabVIEW spirit is the same, regardless of the area. Great to have you!

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