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New NIYANTRA 2013 - <Design and Implementation of Hybrid Agricultural Robot>

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Contact Information

Name of the College : Amity University Noida

Name of the Team Members along with their respective current semester : Chandrela Das (3rd semester,M.Tech) , Akash Kumar (3rd semester, M.Tech)

E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Team Leader :, 09013530238

Name of the Faculty Guide : Mr. Haneet Rana

E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Faculty Guide :, 09873019387

Project Information

Project Title: Design and Implementation of Hybrid Agricultural Robot

Hardware & Software Used:

HARDWARE                          SOFTWARE


AVR DRAGON                   MATLAB 2011b                                     

DTMF MODULE                LAB VIEW






What challenge/problem are you trying to solve through your application:

Our country is having very limited resources and here we are introducing a unique low cost technology farming method; as the farming techniques used in our country were quiet old and not efficient enough to produce large amount of  crops in stipulated time. That's why we have decided to make a renewable agriculture robot that can work in any climatic condition. The extensive feature of this robot is it's a pollution free robot using solar power as well as battery power which will be charged by the main supply if solar power degrades. Previously only robotic crop cutters were made, here we are also introducing a robotic sprayer that will reduce the hectic work of farmers and will save their health conditions from dangerous and vulnerable climatic conditions.

How does your application solves the above mentioned challenge/problem:

The hybrid agricultural robot in DTMF technology has been made. Real time power through 'Lab View simulink' has been acquired and monitored. Image acquisition, processing and few features of wheat images has been extracted and matching has also been done for further cutting of crops. Automatic sprayer has been inroduced for spraying of pesticides on crops.

Description of Project: Cutting crops and spraying of pesticides using Virtual Instrumentation (VI) platform is a unique idea of this century. This project is based on the real time system using a semi-autonomous robot. The performance level of the project is very high because we are using  LABVIEW for continuous power monitoring, renewable energy resource  and digital image processing for scanning of crops . We have used the concept of virtual instrumentation integrated on an "ATMEL- AVR Xplain kit using AVR128A1 microcontroller with an ATMEL's AVR DRAGON burner. "

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