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Contact Information

Name of the College :Sri eshwar college of engineering

Name of the Team Members along with their respective current semester :G.ARUTKAVI(5TH SEMESTER)





E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Team Leader & ph:+91-7639043345

Name of the Faculty Guide :Mr.S.yogeswaran

E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Faculty Guide & Ph:7502145577

Project Information


Hardware & Software Used:

LABVIEW software

What challenge/problem are you trying to solve through your application:

automation vehicle

How does your application solves the above mentioned challenge/problem: by using automation application  manual power is reduced

Description of Project:


Our project is solar powered coir provostor. In our project we are using solar panel. When sunlight falls on it and it will get energized.MPPTcontroller acquires maximum energy from the solar panel and it gives energy to battery charger to recharge the battery. Power is supplied by the battery to the microcontroller which controls the entire device. Microcontroller stops a motor connected to front wheel to turn the vehicle in opposite direction.

It rotates both front motors to move the vehicle straight. It also controls the motor connected with spiky rod which is used to rotate the coir to dry it. The device get automatically moves over the coir and dry it by using rotating spiky rod. It also controls the IR temperature sensor that senses the moisture level of the coir.

Instead of programming the microcontroller we are interfacing it with mini laptop by using labview software. We are using   IC ATMEGA328 controller (since it is automatic) for performing the above operations. It is easy to interface controller with laptop using labview.usb camera is connected to monitor the action of the vehicle.

  Now days in the coir industries are using heavy vehicles such as tractor to dry the coir obtained from coconut. Heavy vehicle’s consume more fuel and it requires that skilled man power to operate it thus we provide economically viable a solution for the problem to the coir industry. On the other hand industries are facing power crisis so we use the solar energy for powering the vehicle.

   The sunlight from the sun falls on the solar panel. Electrical energy produced from solar panel is stored in the battery. It drives the motor. The motor is coupled with the device to move required distance. The signal to motor is given by the NI lab view software interfaced with microcontroller. We can send the signals manually by using the lab view software in the mini laptop connected to the controller by Wi-Fi. The temperature sensor is connected to the device which examines the temperature and gives its output to the controller. Since the camera is connected to the device we can examine the action of device in mini laptop which is connected in the microcontroller.

As we mentioned initially the vehicle uses power which is extracted from the solar panel. To extract more power an MPPT controller is used after the solar panel. This power is stored in a battery by means of a battery charger. This power is supplied to the whole vehicle unit.

Power supply unit is connected to the dc motor which is coupled with wheel. When the motor rotates the wheel coupled with motor also rotates and so our device can move to the required distance.

Mini laptop is connected to micro controller with Wi-Fi. Mini laptop should have lab view software from that we can see the action of the device since we are connecting a USB camera to it. We can give our signals to the micro controller using the lab view software in mini laptop.


   Embedded micro controller unit consist of circuits which will control the action of the Dc motor and the MPPT controller. Temperature sensor is used to find the moisture level of the coir. If the moisture level is reduced to required level the signal is given to embedded controller it will stop the process.

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