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New NIYANTRA 2013 - Distribution Transformer Fuse Failure Detection and Information Passing System

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Contact Information


Name of the Team Members along with their respective current semester :1)SAKTHI VIGNESH.R-7th SEMESTER

                                                                                                                        2)SHANKAR.C.K-7th SEMESTER

                                                                                                                        3)FINNIS.C-7tH SEMESTER

                                                                                                                        4)DIVYA.K-7tH SEMESTER

                                                                                                                        5)UMAMAHESHWARI.N-5tH SEMESTER

E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Team Leader no:9524092684

Name of the Faculty Guide :T.RAJESH

E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Faculty Guide

Project Information

Project Title: Distribution Transformer Fuse Failure Detection and Information Passing System

Hardware & Software Used:Hardware used:

                                                  PIC16F877A,voltage sensor,sim300 module.DAQ CARD(we require your assistance).

                                              SOFTWARE USED:

                                                  Lab VIEW-2010,MPLAB IDE,PROTEUS-7.0,HI-TECH COMPILER

What challenge/problem are you trying to solve through your application: nowadays when the fuse failure occurs in the distribution transformer the people belonging to the concerned area has to call the wireman/foreman/assistant engineer in the electricity board to intimate about the problem and request him to take the required action

How does your application solves the above mentioned challenge/problem:The proposed idea will detect the fuse failure and intimate the concern persons at that instant using Lab VIEW software and messaging system incorporated in distribution transformer

Description of Project:

              Distribution transformer in the load side faces serious problems in the daily use. Most of the transformers are located in the remote areas and it is left without maintenance. This project aims to give solutions to some of the important problems faced in the daily use of transformer with the help of Lab VIEW software and some of the hardware components. This project gives solution to the problems like Fuse failure maintenance, giving protection to the transformer by authorized usage, power factor correction and harmonic suppression in the load side.

                In the leading power crisis, power supplied to the people is only for few hours and when the fuse failure is not cleared quickly, peoples cannot utilize the power supply even for few hours. When the fuse failure is not cleared as soon as possible it will create major problem in the field of Agriculture where Three Phase supply for motor is limited to few hours. This proposed idea will detect the fuse failure and intimate the concern persons at that instant using Lab VIEW software and messaging system incorporated in distribution transformer. The time delay for clearing this problem is only due to the lack of information. When the fuse blows out, it will be detected by the voltage sensor due to voltage drop and intimation message will be sent to the concern persons at that instant of time by the microcontroller through GPS (Global Positioning System) with the help of Lab-VIEW software.

                At once the message is received concern person will clear the problem in quick time. Also the fuses are put by the common people without knowledge and who is not responsible to clear this problem will lead to destruction of transformer. Our system will ensure the security to the transformer by providing the authority of usage to the concern persons only. The concern persons clearing the Fuse Failure problem will be provided with RF id to ensure that this problem is cleared by that person only and not by the public .

                  Further the Power factor will drop due to the induction loads like Induction motors. So the power factor correction at load side is essential to maintain the better power factor at the end of the distribution side. Due to power factor correction the power losses will be reduced and required power will be delivered at required voltage without any drop .Power factor maintenance is done by switching ON and OFF of the capacitor banks connected to it. Power factor is continuously monitored by Lab-VIEW software and intimation to switch on the capacitor bank will be sent to the controller circuit placed in the transformer to maintain power factor.

                    Now a day’s usage of UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) has increased due to Power Crisis. These devices will inject Harmonics into the Power System .Due to this heating of transformers and other devices will takes place and loss will be increased. Filters are used in the distribution Transformers to suppress the Harmonics in the load side itself to protect the entire system. Due to harmonic suppression extra heating of the transformer and other devices will be protected. By implementing this project the fuse failure problem will be cleared in short time, losses will be minimized due to power factor correction and harmonics will be suppressed which reduces the excess heating of devices.

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This project will be very usefull when implemented in EB.......pls do this


in our government sectors thers is no this type of project if it is launched in our state it will reduce the power loss for the whole state. when it is launched succesfully  the credits of full project goes to our students and college. totally this project is very impressive for all electrical engineers...