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NIYANTRA 2013 - Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot

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Contact Information

Name of the College :University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University   

Name of the Team Members along with their respective current semester :Bharat Gera (ECE 7th sem), Bhavjeet Singh (ECE 7th sem), Robin Kaul (EEE 5th sem), Rohan Arora (ECE 5th sem), Sidharth Kwatra (EEE 5th sem)

E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Team Leader     09888088963

Name of the Faculty Guide : Dr. Manu Sharma & Asst. Prof. Sumit Budhiraja

E-Mail Address & Phone Number of the Faculty Guide     09876193545

Project Information

Project Title: Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot

Hardware & Software Used: NI Crio 9075, NI 9201 analog input module. NI9421 digital input module, Ni9472 digital output module, Vegtronix VH-400 soil moisture sensor, Vegetronix THERM-200 sooil temperature sensor, HSM-20G humidity and temperature sensor, LISY300 gyrosensor module, Bump Sensor, NI LABView

What challenge/problem are you trying to solve through your application: To reduce human effort in conducting survey of an area, save time and avoid land degradation.

How does your application solves the above mentioned challenge/problem: Our application is a fully autonomous machine capable of conducting surveillance of an area on it's own which reduces human effort.

Description of Project: The Autonomous Surface Monitoring Robot(ASMR) is an autonomous machine to conduct survey of a land or to examine soil characteristics of an area without any human effort. The robot collects the data and saves it as an array which can be further employed to study the characteristics of the soil. The ASM Robot is given dimensions of the area where survey s to be conducted as input alog with minimum required dimensions of the grids. It divides the area into grids itself and survey is conducted once in every grid. It collects the survey and saves it in an array along with the distance coordinates along length and width of the area with starting point as reference point. It also has an algorithm to avoid obstacles in its path then to return to its path. The survey data collected by the ASMR can then be used to study by person. Thus reducing human effort or manual work in surveying an area.

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