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problem with simulate ci 555

hi there, i'm new user on multisim, i wanted to simulate a metal detector circuit in multisim 14.0, but i can't complete the simulation, how i'm a new user, could you help me?
I would like to observe the waveform at the entrance and exit of the circuit, for a university work


Sem título.pngSimples-Circuito-Detector-de-Metal-com-IC-555.jpg

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Hi paquetabzr.


I think you should take some time to watch the tutorial bellow. I believe this can help you to design your simulation since it’s also a Metal Detector Project.


Intermediate Electronics Project #8 - Metal Detector:


Is this all you need? Could you tell me more about your simulation?


Best regards,

Lígia T. Ferreira
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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