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placing a menu bar in teststand

The version of teststand i am using is 4.0.

My query is: There a menu bar which contains files ,edit, view,etc...I want to add my own custom menu bar by the side of "help" and that menu should contain some of my sequences which i like to execute frequently. So that by just clicking that step in menu should start executing the sequence. Ishould be able to change the menu items. Items here i mean sequence names which i intend to execute frequently 

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Hello kpraveen,

Thank you for posting on the NI Discussion Forums.  The TestStand Sequence Editor is customizable, to an extent.  For information on exactly what can be customized, see KnowledgeBase 4G98EOM6: Adding Additional Buttons to the TestStand Sequence Editor Toolbar.  Unfortunately, as this post also says, you will not be able to add your own elements to the toolbar for added functionality, since the source code for the Sequence Editor is not available. 

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